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Meta Fusion provides innovative, affordable integrated solutions for the complete digital management of endoscopy. Meta Fusion MetaScope Systems are feature-rich and cost-effective and may be customized.


Meta Fusion's MetaScope brings to life an advanced turnkey information system and applications fine-tuned for the special needs of gastro-enterology and other endoscopy practices, helping them transition easily with plug-and-play technology into the feature-rich digital age. Meta Fusion's MetaScope systems may be pre-configured to each installation’s specifications for streamlined installation in conjunction with Meta Fusion support services, eliminating costly IT support. Meta Fusion MetaScopes are designed for ultra-reliability and availability with a similar IT backbone to Meta Fusion’s enterprise healthcare IT appliances.

Elegant and robust, Meta Fusion MetaScopes provide comprehensive endoscopy workflow; from patient scheduling and HIS interfaces through report generation and exam reporting. Designed with the flexibility to support individualized practice and department procedures, Meta Fusion MetaScopes provide a full range of customizations. An advanced PACS is provided as part of the standard system, enhancing patient information communications and archiving. A user-friendly interface streamlines learning curves. Remote 24/7 monitoring and upgrades that download automatically over the Internet are included in the comprehensive package.

Meta Fusion MetaScopes are multi-platform, and support Windows and MAC OS X clients, enabling flexibility in where and how endoscopists work.

Meta Fusion MetaScopes deliver a range of distinctive benefits at an affordable price point:

• High quality image and movie capture
• Specially designed user-friendly interface that minimizes learning curves and immediately speeds workflow.
• Mobile capability
• HIS and orders integration and inter-operability for true integration into your workflow environment
• Open architecture to support workflow throughout the enterprise and beyond as well as support integration with other healthcare IT systems, as desired.
• Minimal system maintenance through high reliability, built-in system checks and remote system monitoring.

Meta Fusion MetaScopes are highly scalable and enable paperless workflow among multiple locations and can grow with a practice as it expands or adapts in today’s rapidly evolving radiology environment. While Meta Fusion MetaScopes are typically designed for streamlined installation and configuration, Meta Fusion will provide a full range of customizations as desired.

With Meta Fusion MetaScopes, the full advantages of digital endoscopy are plug-and-play. Installation and bring-up are relatively simple and inexpensive operations. The fully scalable system will grow with an installation into the future.





MetaScope EN

Integrated Information Management and PACS


MetaScope EN m

Mobile Integrated Information Management and PACS





MetaScope GE

Basic Image Storage Station




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