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The journey to a PACS and to modernizing your information systems may seem to be a difficult one. The transitiion may seem rough and the cost may seem steep, and your limiting factors may be both internal and external. Your business and your existing infrastructure may make your goal appear to be a tougher climb than you may wish and you may need outside resources with specialized skills to help your ascent. There will likely be many unexpected risks and challenges ahead. Meta Fusion can help you with your journey and take you to your destination.


MetaFusion's MetaPACS solutions provides high-availability enterprise PACS with enduring high-performance and high quality for your image distribution and archive needs, backed by Meta Fusion's high standard of service and support. Your enterprise will be able to operate contiously without interruption, and your staff and affiliates will be very satisfied with the consistent availabilty and performance of our systems, and the quality of inteactions with our staff.


Your MetaPACS solution can be tailor-made to your needs by Meta Fusion. The Meta Fusion MetaStore, MetaArchive, MetaNetwrok and other solutions can be combined in a configuration designed to address your requirements for today and your evolution path into tomorrow.


MetaPACS can be implemented as an on-site service, or as a remote service operated by Meta Fusion, or as a blend of both. So you can choose between electronically archiving your medical image records, or asking us to do it, or a blend of both. MetaPACS will help keep your care-providers at a peak of productivity, while enhancing your medical record-keeping performance and your disaster-recovery compliance under HIPAA.


While it excels as a high-end solution for multi-hospital groups, MetaPACS scales right down to a small clinic or individual practice, such as neurosurgery, while retaining the qualities that benefit the multi-hospital groups. MetaPACS is an excellent value, and can be provided to you affordably however large or small an organization you may be. If you are deploying a PACS for the first time, expect to reduce your operations costs when you purchase a MetaPACS. If you already have a PACS, expect to eliminate a number of actual or potential problems through the implementation of your MetaPACS.


Meta Fusion's MetaPACS solutions conform with ISO 13485:2003 and US 21 CFR 808, 812, and 820 CGMP and QSR, and the product line is available for sale internationally, subject to applicable laws.


Not all PACS are created equal. Meta Fusion PACS is the better choice for your enterprise.





MetaPACS Series 4

National-scale deployments





MetaPACS Series 3

Multi-hospital groups





MetaPACS Series 2

Hospitals & large imaging centers





MetaPACS Series 1

Medium & small healthcare facilitiers & individual practices




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