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MetaRIS is Meta Fusion's Radiology Information System. MetaRIS can be tightly integrated wuth your MetaPACS solution and provides you with a wealth of functionality that you would otherwise need to acquire piece-meal and incur delays and costs in integrating. These features include full PACS access via your MetaRIS, and integration of reports.


MetaRIS empowers your radiology business to achieve a high level of efficiency and productivity. It does this by combining our intuitive and easy-to-use software that is tailored to the way you work, with our high-availability architectures.to give uninterrupted operation, enabling a very high degree of staff and patient satisfaction. By incorporating a rich set of features and capabilities into our MetaRIS, and by tightly integrating important systems, such as PACS, billing, and your HIS, we provide you with an information system that does what you need it to do, and earns your confidence as you rely on it daily to organize and conduct your business.


One of the ways that your MetaRIS can be accessed by your care providers is by means of a standard web browser, which simplifies administration and configuration of the desktop computers that your staff use to access your MetaRIS. Our high-availability architectures and our network solutions provide you with the means of accessing your MetaRIS from anywhere and at anytime. If you are a multi-facility healthcare organization, you may desire a centralized RIS to simplify your administration, and reduce your costs. Our high-availability architectures and our network solutions allow your MetaRIS to be shared by all your facilities. If a MetaRIS is deployed in each of your facilities for optimal benefit, these same architectures and network solutions also allow the MetaRIS in each facility to inter-change information with every other MetaRIS in order to maximize your efficiency and facilitate the optimal use of time and resources across your facilities.


Meta Fusion's high-availability architectures and our network solutions incorporate disaster-tolerance and disaster-recovery mechanisms, and you can be confident that your business will continue its operation in the event of a disaster.








RIS implementation for a 10 hospital group

Shared RIS for a 3 hospital group

Feature-rich RIS in a single hospital





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