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MetaWorld II is Meta Fusion's high-availability on-line archive service. You can remotely back up and archive your medical information to MetaWorld II, and retrieve your medical information from it. Meta Fusion operates and maintains MetaWorld II. This storage service provides you the benefit of not having to set up and maintain your own in-house enterprise long-term archive for your medical images and information. And it provides a high value to your business affordably because you pay according to your needs.


MetaWorld II is able to accomodate all of your archiving requirements as it is a powerful distributed fault-tolerant state of the art on-line 24x7 high-availability archive. All you need is a reliable connection between MetaWorld II and your PACS & other Meta Fusion information systems, and you can begin backing up and archiving your medical information. Meta Fusion suggests that you consider our MetaStrand reliable connection solutions to ensure an affordable dependable connection with MetaWorld II.


If your information volume grows, so does MetaWorld II, because it is a sophisticated super-scalable on-line archive capable of growing to a very large size, and your archiving speed does not slow down as your information volume and size of your information archive grows. Your information is kept strictly private and separate as part of our strict confomance with HIPAA, and this provides you assurance that your vendor's HIPAA compliance fits in with your organization's privacy practices, with room to spare.


MetaWorld II exists redundantly, which means that if one MetaWorld II is destroyed, there is at least one other mirror image of it that will take over immediately, without allowing the destruction of one MetaWorld II to affect the archiving function that it provides. So you can be confident that your off-site medical information is being protected and your archiving operations will not be interrupted in the event of a disaster.


MetaWorld II's design benefits from Meta Fusion's experience in the design and operation of high-reliability real-time on-line systems serving millions of users. Because we design systems to continue operating under very high loads, and to grow to very large sizes, and to gracefully cope with faults and failures, you can be assured that by putting reliance on our archive service, your business will maintain a high-level of quality and uninterrupted operation.


MetaWorld II connects with the top ranked backbones, with connections ranging from OC48s (2.4 Gbps) to gigabit ethernet (1,000 Mbps) connecting its ISP's' core routers at several major exchange points including but not limited to: PAIX Palo Alto, CA , Equinix San Jose, CA , Equinix Ashburn, VA , MAE-West San Jose, CA , MAE-East Vienna, VA , AADS Chicago, IL , NYIIX New York, NY .
MetaWorld II relies on self-healing network architectures to virtually eliminate single points of failure. With ISP backup transits from multiple providers in multiple locations your data will arrive via the shortest routes, which makes the system response very fast over the internet. Because of these backup transits and because of many international peers, our MetaWorld II service works over networks that maintains the shortest routes for sending data all over the world. That means that a hospital located in Mannheim, Germany can rely on a primary MetaWorld II instance in London, UK, secondary MetaWorld II instance in California, USA.


One of the technologies that is used in making MetaWorld instances massively scalable is Apple Computer's Xserve RAID, with UNIX BSD derived OSX configured to provide rock solid stability.

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